Thank you for visiting our website. We only ship out orders on Mondays and Tuesdays, because our products are fresh made and this decreases the chance of it sitting anywhere over the weekend. Thank you for understanding and thank you for shopping on our website.

About Us


Glenn and Kathy Beyer started Dutchman’s Market, Inc., in November of 1986, specializing in fresh meat products as well as butchering and processing. Glenn began working in the meat business while still in high school, first at Handy Andy and then locally, before going into business himself. Today, their sons Barry and Brett continue to run the family business, as Glenn is retired and Kathy passed away in 2013.




At Dutchman’s Market, we are all about family – from our family to yours. We are the second generation making sure that all of our products maintain the same outstanding quality our customers have come to expect for the past 30 plus years. Our family includes people that have been here since we started in 1986 and know what it takes to make our products what they are today! Our dedicated team makes our plant work as a family – from the cutting of meats, mixing of ingredients and making of products, to packaging with pride and selling the products in the store up front. This is why you will continue to find Dutchman’s Market products on dinner tables, at family reunions, weddings and many other community events and school functions for generations to come.




Quality has been the bench mark, and that is what keeps people coming back. Our customers love coming here for the quality, and feel they get a great product for the price.

We are a full-service meat market with a fresh meat case. All of our sausage, jerky and ham products are made in-house. We cut the meats in our fresh meat case daily, and can even cut them to the thickness you desire with advance notice or a little patience. Many of our competitors have opted to sell pre-cut steaks processed at another location; we believe they are best cut fresh!!

We also mix all our own spices in-house for our products, and our smokehouse uses wood chips to smoke all our products with true smoke (not liquid smoke, which would give the products a ‘fake smoke’ flavor).

We also offer custom butchering and processing for customers who raise their own animals, and we offer private label processing for customers who sell their products to individuals or at farmers’ markets around the state. All butchering and processing is done on a scheduled appointment basis only, so please call for more information or to schedule your appointment! (Prices are available upon request.)

We have recently added some new products including snack sticks, snack trays, grass fed lamb (frozen), goat (frozen) and smoked chickens. Soon we will be offering a weekly special of rotisserie smoked, ready to take home, fully cooked meats. These will include a variety of chicken, pork, beef and sausage products cooked one day a week for you to take home. 


Thank you for your support, and remember – when you support a local business, you are supporting the people of our community.

Check back with us to see what is coming next!!!